Saturday, August 06, 2005

Free Agent Signings For Saturday

A weekend may slow free agent signings in the NHL today, but it doesn't stop them completely. Here are the free agent signings for today.

Pittsburgh signs Zigmund Palffy from Los Angeles. TSN's story is here. Pittsburgh doesn't have a good enough team to buy their way to being a contender, but they are trying.

Carolina signs Ray Whitney from Detroit. TSN's story is here. Carolina is another team that is not good enough to become a winner with a few free agent signings.

Rick Nash resigns in Columbus. TSN's story is here. He is the future of their franchise.

Milan Hejduk resigns in Colorado. TSN's story is here.

Scott Nichol leaves Chicago to sign with Nashville. TSN's story is here. He will be a role player for the Predators.

Free agent signings are slowing down a bit - but that might be expected on a weekend - of course most of the top players have been signed so they would slow down anyway.

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