Monday, August 08, 2005

Free Agent Signings For Monday

More free agent signings today. Here was my last post on signings (with links to previous days). Most of the biggest stars are signed but there are more players left. Some of these cheaper signings will prove to be very important ... although hindsight may be needed to find them.

Chris Osgood signs with Detroit leaving St. Louis. TSN's story is here. Osgood is a solid but unspectacular goalie who will likely be the Wings starter.

Richard Park leaves Minnesota to sign with Vancouver. TSN's story is here. Park is a solid role player.

Simon Gagne resings in Phiadelphia. TSN's story is here. Philly hopes he is a star in their future, unless he leaves as a UFA.

Pierre Dagenais resigns in Montreal. TSN's story is here.

Jason Marshall leaves San Jose to return to Anaheim. TSN's story is here. I don't think Marshall has much left in his NHL career.

Mike Grier resigns in Buffalo. TSN's story is here.

Washington signs Ben Clymer from Tampa Bay and Miroslav Zalesak from San Jose. TSN's story is here. They will be role players at best.

Matt Cullen signs with Carolina leaving Florida. TSN's story is here. He is likely going to be a role player for them.

Rob Davison and Jim Fahey resign with San Jose. TSN's story is here.

Atlanta signed Eric Boulton from Buffalo, Ramzi Abid from Pittsburgh and Scott Barney from Los Angeles. TSN's story is here. They hope to be useful role players.

I expect signings will continue as teams fill out their rosters. I expect some of the signings will in hindsight become very important. The trick is figuring out which ones.

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