Monday, August 22, 2005

Free Agent Signings for the Last Few Days

Since my last free agent post, an entire weekend passed with no signings. There were a couple signings late Friday night that I am including with today's signings.

Teemu Selanne leaves Colorado to sign with Anaheim. TSN's story is here. He no longer has the ability to be nearly as dominant as he was in his last tour in Anaheim.

Cam Barker signed an entry level contract with Chicago. TSN's story is here.

Serge Payer resigned with Florida. TSN's story is here.

Patrick Eaves signed an entry level contract with Ottawa. TSN's story is here.

Vancouver signed Sven Butenschon from the New York Islanders. They also acquired Steve McCarthy from Chicago for a 2007 3rd round draft pick. TSN's story is here. This gives Vancouver some defensive depth again. I think Chicago is trading McCarthy closer to where he grew up (Trail, BC) because they have no need for spare parts that may be unhappy.

Philadelphia signed Jamie Storr from Carolina, Eric Chouinard from Minnesota and Pat Kavanagh and Ryan Ready from Vancouver. These players will most likely be on their AHL affiliate, although they may provide some depth at the NHL level. TSN's story is here.

Shawn Bates resigns with the New York Islanders. TSN's story is here. They also signed Joel Bouchard from the New York Rangers to provide some depth. TSN's story is here.

Paul Mara resigned with Phoenix. TSN's story is here.

The New York Rangers signed Jarkko Immonen. TSN's story is here.

Minnesota resigned Rickard Wallin. TSN's story is here.

Florida signed Jean-Marc Pelletier from Carolina. He will likely be in the AHL. TSN's story is here.

Most of these signings are to provide depth, but some will still be quite significant this season.

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