Tuesday, July 19, 2005

NHL US TV Rights

Mediaweek is reporting that the NHL is talking to four different groups about their TV rights in the US. ESPN, Comcast(OLN), Turner(TNT) and Spike TV. This is good. Like I suggested here, there is no reason the NHL needs to be confined to one of these networks alone. Let them all show games. The more games on TV the better for the fan and for publicizing the game.

Holy Smokes! Where did you find this news? It's like a needle in a haystack!
This just in, Bravo and Lifetime are now in the running....

Cool site man.
I agree,

I love NHL Hockey. and recently I have bought stock in it. Not like real stock on Wall street, but a stock market that is strictly for sports.

You have seen it? Its pretty cool. You buy issues for your favorite teams and you make real money. Not like a fake stock simulator. I cash out Dividends each time the team wins. Also I can sell my team stock when the price goes up.

check it out if something like this interests you.
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They just released IPO'S for NHL Hockey this week, so there are alot of good deals there.

Keep up the good work on your blog!
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