Sunday, July 10, 2005

More On Sidney Crosby

On Wednesday, I wrote about Sidney Crosby negotiating with Lugano in Switzerland. Although Crosby is unlikely to go to Switzerland, it is an option he has if he does not like the team that drafts him or the new entry level salary restrictions. Damian Cox is making veiled threats at Crosby. If Crosby does not play ball with the NHL, he will be painted as a spoiled brat teenager by the media. If he plays ball with the NHL, he will be portrayed by the media as the All-Canadian kid. Here is a quote from his article:

Moreover, how exactly are Brisson and his IMG cronies positioning this young man, an athlete so attractive that Reebok and Gatorade have already thrown promotional dollars at him? Do they want to create the clean-cut, all-Canadian kid? Or do they want to create the image of a spoiled teenage millionaire always looking to get his way?

This is an example of how many members of the media attempt to manipulate the fanbase. They need to be on the "inside" with the NHL so they will fight the NHL's battles through their choice of topics and angles to discuss in their stories.

Sidney Crosby does not owe the NHL anything. If the NHL is setting up a situation where it is not in his best interests to play their game, then he shouldn't play their game. And the media has no right to paint him as a spoiled brat for not playing the NHL's game.

Tom Benjamin has a very good discussion on this topic.

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