Sunday, June 12, 2005

Players Under Contract for next year

Assuming that the 2004/05 season is negotiated away, so that year is removed from contracts, TSN has a list of players under contract for next year. Its not a large list. Most of the NHL will be free agents. It remains to be negotiated how many are unrestricted. Its not good for fans to have a lack of continuity like this. Its not good to have most of a team's roster available to jump to other NHL clubs.

Here is the list. I'm sure I will dissect in more in the future.

NOTE: It appears as of 1 PM CT Tuesday, TSN has taken down this link? Why? Does anyone have a copy of these players from when the link was up? Please drop me a message.

Thank you for making me aware of this list. Once teams are free to sign FA's it will be like Christmas to transation wonks like me. It'll be just as crazy as the trading deadline.
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