Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hall of Fame Monitor: Who Should Make The Hall?

After several posts about sabermetrics and hockey and about Pnep's Hall of Fame Monitor, I have not addressed the important question. Who should make the Hall of Fame?

According to this Hall of Fame Monitor, the five most qualified players who will be eligible in the next induction group (2006) are:

1. Patrick Roy 3235.65 points - This is a no brainer choice. He is arguably the best goalie of all time. He will be an easy choice for induction.

2. Tom Barrasso 1245.01 points - I don't think he is a Hall of Famer. I think he is overrated on this list because he played on a very good team (Pittsburgh). Goalies who played on good teams are overrated by this system. Barrasso was a good goalie, but not a Hall of Fame level goalie.

3. Doug Gilmour 1215.71 points - He is another Hall of Fame calibre player who will be in his first year of eligibility. I think he might be a tad underrated by this system since his defensive ability is lost by this formula.

4. Mark Howe 1208.32 points - I would have inducted him this year. I have no idea why he has been overlooked this long.

5. Pavel Bure 1179.55 points - Assuming he does not play next year, he will be eligible for induction. I think his career was too short. I don't think he should be inducted. Of course, after this year's Cam Neely mistake I could see his receiving an induction. Bure is afterall far more qualified then Neely. I think we should admit Neely was a mistake and not make further mistakes because he lowered the bar to allow all players who have 3 or 4 really good seasons and no further career in the Hall.

This is a pretty good list of candidates. So for the most part the monitor works. Though I does overrate Barrasso.

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