Friday, May 20, 2005

Hall of Fame Media Honorees

The Hockey Hall of Fame added two media honorees on Thursday. New York Rangers broadcaster Sal Mussina and Los Angeles Times sportswriter Helene Elliott were inducted. You can read about it here. The Hockey Hall of Fame keeps its media honorees separate from the rest of its honored members and doesn't give much publicity to these inductions.

I have never attempted to predict these inductions because there are so many markets with good (and bad) writers and broadcasters that I have little to no access to, making me unable to give an informed opinion. I know both Elliott and Mussina have been on the job for many years and have had some access to them, but have never lived in either of their markets, so I canot claim to know them well.

The bigger Hall of Fame story will be the June 8th player inductions. In the couple of weeks to come before them, I intend to post who I would induct (and why) and probably more controversially why I would not induct some of the other more popular choices.

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