Friday, March 18, 2005

Steroids and Hockey

With baseball players testifying in front of congress about steroids, it is natural to wonder if NHL hockey has a steroid problem. I imagine some players in the NHL do take steroids. The only well documented case of steroid use I can recall off the top of my head is John Kordic, although I an sure there are others. Goon type players like Kordic taking steroids is quite likely. So would power forwards or stay at home defencemen or even a Gordie Howe-type aggresive forward. It probably would help a player recover from injuries during the marathon seasons in the NHL. But how widespread are steroids in hockey? We don't really have any reliable way to answer that question.

I really like Hockey Bird's comments
What made me sad was that there's not a shot in hell that we'd see Congressional involvement in the current NHL vs. NHLPA wars. How cool would it be to see our beloved game become so important that the U.S. Congress itself would step in to force these two parties to quit the crap and strike a deal. Of course, that will never happen, hence the dejection on my part.
I wish I had put that in words first. I feel the same way, but never fully vocalized the idea.

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