Friday, March 04, 2005

More Board of Governors Meeting Fallout

Several meetings were held this week. The NHLPA met with themselves and then met again with the player agents. Also, the NHL Board of Governors met. After each meeting the participants happily announced to the press that they are more united then ever. With a few days time, news is leaking out about what actually occurred at those meetings - which draws into queston their public declarations of unity.

Yesterday, the news that venture capitalists had offered to buy the NHL came out. I wrote a post about it. Today, we learn that Toronto Governor Larry Tanenbaum was involved in an argument at the BoG meeting. It appears that he is upset at the money the Leafs are losing during the lockout and wants it ended in time for regular NHL play next year. It appears he would accept the last NHLPA offer.

This leads to an interesting proposition. I'm sure many of the largest markets would find it in their best financial interests to play right now under the NHLPA's last best offer. What is to stop them from leaving the NHL and forming their own league? This league would be smaller than the current NHL - only in "elite" markets. If it was set up without an artificial salary cap, it might be able to lure all the best talent in the world - thus leaving the remaining NHL teams as a feeder league for them. A smaller competitive league with all the best players in hockey in it would be a great thing for the fan. The games would be played at a higher level then current NHL games. Could it be done? Possibly. It is an exciting prospect to think about - even if its just empty thoughts.

If you are worried about the fact I haven't produced any posts in the last couple days giving the best all time players by team in further divisions. They are not forgotten. They will come up in the future.

I posted this earlier on another blog but I think it is appropriate here as well, if not more so:

The top 12 teams should say screw gary buttman and start their own league in conjunction with the idea of the players starting their own league. They would get the benefit of the current successful owner's business knowledge and create a TRUE partnership. They may even be able to get 20+ teams up and running if they do it correctly. Let the floriduhs and nashvilles die on their own.

added since original post:

Then the "other" teams would not have to be contracted nor would they have to pay elite salaries. This is kind of a snub but would their fans even notice...I mean the hardcore fan would stay and watch ANY hockey while the casual fan, if there is such a thing in hockey, could align with an elite team or follow their local one. Win-win all the say around
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