Monday, February 21, 2005

What I Want from Pro Hockey

I want to be able to see high level hockey with the best players in the world competing against each other. I want it to be available so that I can see it on television most nights and go to a game or two a year. I want continuity from one season to the next (ie. teams do not turn over large percentages of their roster annually). I want a situation where any team can win in principle (as long as they are well run).

The consequence of those desires is that a team will get good and stay good for several years - since they dont turn over much of their roster annually. On the flip side, weak teams will take a few years to become good, but if they are run well they can do this.

I do not care if this is under the banner of the NHL or not. That name adds nothing to the quality of the game. It is having the best players in the world playing at their top level that matters.

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Fine, take your team and go , Ill keep the NHL, thank you!
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