Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Too Little Too Late?

I guess the most serious (or most desperate) negotiating is done at the last minute, but didn't that pass a month or so ago?

There was serious movement in the position of both the NHL and NHLPA yesterday. The NHL is now willing to look at CBA deals that do not have linkage of player salaries to a negotiated defined revenue. The NHLPA gave an offer that includes a salary cap - although the cap is far higher than the NHL has ever offered. Where was this willingness to bargain in December when there actually was hope of a season?

I am not sure that these offers on the table are any better for the fan than the previous CBA - but at least they are trying to reach common ground.

Lets be serious now. If they reached an agreement right now, could they possibly have a meaningful season? The proposed schedule on the table is a 28 game regular season where each team plays every team in their conference twice (once at home and once on the road) and never travels out of their conference. Then they play a full playoff. 28 games? Is that long enough to not be a big joke? 48 games in 1994/95 was too short. In the 48 game game season, I think Eric Lindros's Hart trophy was tainted. Odds are he would not have been healthy enough to play a full schedule and somebody else would have won the Hart. In 28 games what kind of flukes could happen? The stats from the season would require a big askerisk. James Mirtle laughs at the prospect of (for example) a 32 point Art Ross Trophy winner.

I am addicted to hockey. I love it. If the NHL offered at 28 game season with playoffs running into July, I would watch and I would enjoy it. But for the sake of the league, its probably not a good idea. It might make them look like a bigger joke then they do with no season.

Either way, the rumor is that the NHL will finally cancel the season as soon as tomorrow. In my mind, there has been no hope of a season for a month at least.

they canlue it on feb 14
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