Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lets Talk Hockey

One question that has fascinated me for many years is which currently active NHL players should get inducted into the hall of fame. When have they qualified?

A player gets on my list when he has accomplished so much that if he retired now, or worse became a really really crappy player, he would still be considered a hall of famer. I will not project any player forward in his career. This list is based only upon accomplishments to date.

At what level should we set the cutoff for the hall of fame? This is a subjective question. Everyone has their own answer. Mine is that we set it at a point where in the historical context of previous inductions, it is rediculous to not induct this player.

Who would I induct among the currently active NHLers (active meaning not officially retired. There is no NHL to be active in)

1. Mark Messier
2. Mario Lemieux - yes I know he is already there
3. Steve Yzerman
4. Ron Francis
5. Brett Hull
6. Jaromir Jagr
7. Luc Robitaille
8. Dave Andreychuk
9. Joe Sakic
10. Chris Chelios
11. Brian Leetch
12. Al MacInnis
13. Scott Stevens
14. Nicklas Lidstrom
15. Dominik Hasek
16. Ed Belfour
17. Martin Brodeur

And nobody else ... at this point. Though I can think of many who are close.

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