Friday, February 11, 2005

Free Agents Galore

One problem the NHL will have to deal with somehow (and I'm sure it will cause problems) is that there will be a lot of unrestricted free agents this summer when the season is cancelled.

No CBA means no entry draft. No entry draft means that the players available in it lead by Sidney Crosby can sue for free agency.

It gets worse. There are several players who would otherwise re-enter the draft who are still unsigned. Jeff Carter and Mike Richards (Flyer draft picks) probably lead this group.

It still gets worse. Every player who would be a restricted free agent this summer could become unrestricted if there is no NHL to offer them qualifying offers.

And of course there are the guys who would be UFA's anyway.

If the lockout goes a few years, its possible that when they get back there are teams that only have a handful of players under contract and 90% or more of the players in the NHL are unrestricted free agents. How is that good for the fan? It would completely ruin any continuity with the old pre-lockout NHL.

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