Monday, February 21, 2005

Eklund - Kicking a Dead Horse

People who frequent the hockeyblog world are familiar with Eklund. He has claimed several times that he has the "inside scoop" on the NHL and has reported more than once that the NHL and NHLPA are about to unveil a new CBA. His story has been reported several times. For example here and here.

I am not one to kick a dead horse when he is down (at least not too often). But I stumbled upon this in I happened upon a chat called EKBLOGCHAT. It had a topic "EKLUNDS HOCKEY CHAT:EKLUNDS BLOG AND EMAIL HAVE BEEN HACKED: THE WHOIS POST IS FAKE". I was curious so I entered.

I asked: "is this chat related to that blog guy who keeps making up rumors about how the NHL and NHLPA have struck a sectret new CBA deal and are about to play?" somebody responded that "reports on does not equal makes up" so I responded "reporting falsehoods that nobody else reports = making up". At this point I was kicked out of the chat. I returned and told them who I was. I said "hello. This chat looks interesting. I have a blog and I would love to talk to (interview?) Eklund. Is that doable?" . I was told Eklund is not in the room. So I asked "OK. Can I ask. How many people here believe Eklund is legit?". One person responded that they did. Then I was booted again.

I didn't get very far. Currently the room has 31 members which makes it the busiest room on everywhere chat. So he appears to have his fans.

I just thought I would put into the public record, the latest bit of the Eklund story, since if I did not, my experiences with him would likely be lost and forgotten.

And for the record, if you read this Eklund leave me a message. I would still be willing to interview you.

Hey, was on the chat when you asked if Eklund was real. Logic tells me yes. Much like I think you're real.

What difference does it make?

You did not talk to the right people
I don't even think it's worth looking into if Eklund is legit or not.

I mean, every LEGIT hockey blog with REAL journalism ties (James Mirtle, Off Wing Opinion) knows the guy is full of shit...

And yet the ignorant few out there think he's real because he has presented hope time and again to them when no hope was around....

Eric at Off WIng did get an interview with Eklund and if anyone actually read this, maybe they'd realize how full of shit Eklund is:
I am not saying that eklunds site is the shit or anything but u sit here and call him down, which is ur right, u also use speculation just like he/she does.What is the problem? U sit here and do the same things that eklund does but ur codemning him/her.Y r we the general public supposed to believe u or eklund? U r a blogger pure and simple are u offering me any breaking stories, life alter events. No i dont think so but neither is eklund.The site is called hockey rumors for a reason The y r rumors. Stop fighting over weather the stories r right and maybe work togather to make blogging more legit. U r both good at what u do and their are alot of good bloggers out there lets just work togather instead of being like NHL and NHLPA fighting over moronic issues. Please keep up the good work
y r u talking like this? It makes u look like a moron.
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