Thursday, February 24, 2005

But will it get them to the Hall of Fame?

There are several players who have close to Hockey Hall of Fame credentials in the NHL who have played important roles in the negotiation of the new NHL CBA. Brendan Shanahan and Jeremy Roenick would be at the forefront of this group. I'm sure its not their primary motivation, but will their involvement be seen as a positive that makes them more likely to make the Hall of Fame?

My answer is yes ... maybe. It will take a few years perspective to have a more complete answer. If the NHL comes back stronger then before then yes it is quite likely to help them. If the NHL is currently in its death spirals and soon to be replaced by a European super league or a WHA-type North American league, then it makes no difference. The players involved in the formation of the new league, however, might get a boost in their hall of fame chances.

As a hall of fame junkee, its the best that is going on right now. I wish I could be discussing how hockey playing results have helped people's hall of fame chances instead of off-ice negotiations.

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